Frequently asked questions

What's this about the storage being temporary?

The file is deleted somewhere between 5 and 365 days. The larger the filesize, the shorter the lifespan.

What else should I visit?

Take a look at GNUlag, shitpost community, they allow me to use matrix even when matrix is banned :)

Can I use ShareX to upload?

Sure thing! Click Here! - This link will upload to the same domain you're viewing this on. If you want to upload to the other domain, use the other domain and click the same link!

Import that as a custom uploader and fire away.

If you are on linux, check out my screenshot tool!

Can I upload using my phone?

Sure, go ahead. You might even want to add to your homescreen.

Is this open-source?

Yes. If you found a bug, or want to request a feature, make an issue there.


This server runs entirely out of my own pocket, and given the large uptick in usage, It seems suitable to optionally ask you for help to keep this page running.

If you have ever gotten any use out of this website, please consider helping to fund it.

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

General Policy

In General, when you upload a file, we reserve the right to distribute that file on your behalf. Yet you hold responsibility for any harm the content might do.

Data logging

The server stores a few (two) pieces of data.


After a file expires, it is completely removed, no traces remain on the server regarding the contents of the file. Certain data might be left over in the web server logs. (until their deletion) However there is no way to link a web server log entry to an uploaded file after it is deleted.

Criminal investigation and takedowns

We will comply with all legal takedown notices about abuse or from copyright holders. We will also cooperate in criminal investigations (with the little information we store). We may share server logs relevant to said information. If you don't like that, run your own server.